Whelen Safety Solutions for Public Works

Tuesday, May 17, 2022
Whelen Safety Solutions for Public Works

       Safety Solutions for Public Works  


Whether patching up a road, clearing brush or building a playground - there is never a dull moment in the Public Works department. Each job requires a specialized set of tools, and often demands the use of different vehicles with different configurations, or heavy equipment to accomplish the task at hand. LEHR works with industry-leading vendors to supply you with the products you need.

The diverse Whelen product line meets the many needs of Public Works, so crews can operate safely while protecting the citizens they serve.

Shop our collection of Whelen Products to choose from a vast array of warning and white lighting products to enhance visibility on site and on the road. Whelen Traffic Advisor™ products help motorists safely navigate around every scene with unmatched light output and versatile control. We carry beacons and lightbars that are must-haves for work trucks and other vehicles that primarily operate in the roadway and make frequent stops. Directional lights, such as the Vertex series complement that visual warning capability and work lights provide useful illumination on low-light worksites.

Whelen has you covered with one of the best warranty programs in the nation and unparalleled customer service. With LEHR’s team of experts and installers, your crews will be ready to roll out for another shift in no time. Speak to an Expert today to get started: 



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