Keep K9's Cool

Thursday, July 14, 2022
Keep K9's Cool

             Keep K9's Cool  



K9 Officers and their canines have a bond, a bond that in the least typically lasts the dog’s working lifespan, and often longer than the dog’s working career. Police K9’s risk their lives to protect officers, and officers rely heavily on a dog’s consistent ability to perform with courage in the line of duty. Police K9’s can oftentimes be a part of an officer’s family, and their safety in transport to their duties is typically of paramount importance for K9 Officers and Police Departments.

With no shortage of warm weather in sight, equipping your Police K9 cruiser with up-to-date technology to ensure your K9’s safety has never been more important. In the case of a police K9 in hot weather, failures can lead to dire consequences. Establishing a series of fail-safe protections to protect your K9’s is advisable and will help ensure the safety of all officers. The American Kennel Club (AKC) states that:

It doesn’t have to be super hot outside for your car to heat up. The inside of a vehicle parked in 70-degree weather can reach 100 degrees in just 20 minutes. On very hot days, temperatures inside parked cars can climb to 140 degrees Fahrenheit in less than one hour. 

Below are some items to consider adding to your current K9 vehicles, or incorporating in your next fleet upfit: 


  • K9 Heat Alarm: Ace K9 has been a leader in the space, but we also offer heat alarms from Ray Allen & Havis. View K9 Heat Alarms >>>

  • K9 Window Fans: We offer a Window Fan Kit from American Aluminum, and various sizes from Havis that are additionally compatible with the Ace K9 Hot n Pop. View K9 Window Fans >>>

  • K9 Transportation Compartment: This is an obviously essential component to any setup, however, LEHR is proud of the partners we carry for K9 compartments, including Setina, Havis & American Aluminum. Attention to detail is essential when selecting a K9 transportation compartment, ensure that the compartment will fit your vehicle, and that vents and openings meet your desires for deployment to ensure safety. View K9 Transports >>>                        


Notifications of any temperature increases, that could indicate that the dog is at risk of equipment failures and faces undue risk. Police scenes are typically chaotic, and when a K9 officer is not involved in the action they can be a distant thought. Securing your K9 vehicle with safety features that ensure the safety of K9 officers when distractions are plenty, and time moves fast, are a crucial element to implement in your fleet. K9 Door Poppers and pagers will help you build a fail-safe setup for your K9, though are not without their limitations. Pagers have effective ranges, that will need to be tested in conjunction with other communication equipment, and devices will only function when properly powered or charged. 


Officers should also routinely test their equipment to ensure that it continues functioning correctly. Including additional K9 accessories, such as a water bowl are advisable to keep your K9 in optimal shape for their duties. Additional AC Accessories such as the Ray Allen CoolK9 A/C System have also been shown to keep the rear area of a police car at least 10 degrees cooler than without.           


Selecting a sedan or vehicle that facilitates an easy load-in and load-out of the K9 will assist your K9’s in their ability to perform their duties as they age. With any questions on selecting the best K9 gear for your setup, our team of LEHR experts is glad to assist. LEHR Experts are guided by our North Star & Mission “To provide superior customer experience, supply only the best quality brands, and achieve the highest degree of workmanship in every vehicle we create with individual pride.”, however, LEHR experts are also big fans of K9's and look forward to any opportunity to assist all officers in your department, and to ensure that your current fleet maximizes performance.        


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