If Your Department has Bid requirements - You may be able to purchase directly from LEHR

Whelen Master & Participating Agreements

Minnesota NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement, Contract #165264, and Participating Addendum(s) for applicable States.
Through Participating Addendum's, the Master Agreement is a qualified 'bid' and your agency need not go out to formal bid in order to purchase Whelen products from LEHR.
Current Terms of the Whelen NASPO Master & Participating Agreements are valid starting September 15, 2021 and void as of August 31, 2022.

LEHR is the exclusive vendor for Whelen products bid by NASPO in the State of Nevada, with a Participating Agreement honored by the following States:

  • Participating Addendum ⇓ PA #99SWC-NV20-3787
  • Blue Police Flyer ⇓ LEHR Nevada NASPO Police Promotional Flyer
  • Red Fire Flyer ⇓ LEHR Nevada NASPO Fire Promotional Flyer
  • Amber Public Utilities Flyer
    ⇓ LEHR Nevada NASPO Public Utilities Promotional Flyer
  • Hawaii

  • Participating Addendum ⇓ SPO Price List Contract No. 21-13
  • Oregon

  • Participating Addendum ⇓ PA#0514
  • Panasonic Ease of Procurement - National IPA

    A Comprehensive offering of Panasonic products is available through National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance Company (National IPA). The City of Tucson, AZ has publicly solicited and awarded through RFP process, a contract to Panasonic for Panasonic Solutions (#071303). This agreement (Contract #120471) is available to public agencies, educational institutions, nonprofits and agencies for public benefit nationwide through National IPA, a national cooperative purchasing program.

    LEHR is a designated Panasonic Reseller for products bid by National IPA in the following states:



    How to Purchase - No Bid Needed!

    To purchase from Whelen Engineering Company NASPO Master Agreement #165264, or Panasonic National IPA Contract #120471 please fill out the following form to Speak with an Expert and note that you are inquiring about NASPO, or National IPA pricing in addition to the Whelen or Panasonic products that you are inquiring about purchasing:

    Or Contact the Service Department at 1(800)982-8468