Lehr is the West Coast number 1 upfitters

we provide the best equipment


You know what you need to keep your department’s cars running in top condition, but actually installing emergency equipment isn’t part of the academy training.


That distinction belongs to Lehr.


We understand what law enforcement vehicles, fire trucks and other emergency vehicles need, and, more importantly, how to make sure everything is working in sync.

As one of the West Coast’s largest suppliers, we warehouse thousands of products to expedite your service ticket for items like light bars, siren controllers, computer mounts and corner strobe systems. After all, a vehicle sitting in the shop won’t help you cover your responsibilities on tonight’s shift.


We’ve earned a reputation for providing first-responders with the top-notch technical products they need, always at competitive prices, and always installed by our experienced team of technicians.


Together we’ll see that you—and California / Oregon citizens—get the best the city has to offer in emergency services.

Services will set your Agency on demand


Look into the services we provide.  Emergency Vehicle Sales and Technology will help you to get whatever you need to make this car unbelievable.