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Essential Items for Undercover Installations

Thursday, March 17, 2022
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    Optimize Your Undercover fleet


Proper planning, expertise, and execution are crucial to keep the safety of your undercover officers paramount, while providing your officers with the best equipment to undertake their duties. Here are some items that you should consider when planning your next undercover Police vehicle build:

  • Grill Lights: Most Lightheads can be placed behind the grill to reduce the possibility that the lights are seen, and that your officers cover is blown. Whelen Class 1 Certified Smoked Lenses decrease the potential for visibility of lightheads in undercover installs.

  • Visor Lights: The FlatLighter Light from Whelen is easy to store, and easy to activate when needed. Carrying this item in an undercover car will better equip your officers for pursuit.

  • Sirens & Speakers: Placed behind the grill with lightheads, Sirens & speakers should also be installed. Control Heads can be hidden within the build to ensure that they are not visible, and your officer can operate the sirens.

  • Headlights & High Beam Flashers: The Whelen Vertex™ Series, provides undercover officers with greater signaling ability with minimal visibility when installed inside factory headlights (Vertex's may not fit all makes & models). The operation of your officers High Beams can also be maximized via lightheads commonly known as ‘wig wag’s’, these lights will give your officers more options in the line of duty by converting the existing high-beam installations to allow for additional flashing, while ensuring an inconspicuous look. More Information on Whelen Flashers is available here >>>

  • Rear Lighting: ‘wig wag’s’ are also commonly used in the rear of the vehicle additionally. Most of the undercover lighthead installations for the front-end of the vehicle should also be carried over to the rear of the vehicle. Wig Wag's come included in Ford PIU's and Chevy Tahoe PIV's.

  • Optional Features:                
    Storage: Some undercover SUV’s will install a lockbox for weapon storage, these lockboxes can be installed flush in inconspicuous places of the vehicle to provide your officers with access to essential gear without compromising their safety.                
    Additional optional features: The vehicles Fog Lights can be made to be dual purpose – Operating in the factory condition as fog lights, or updated to also include red/blue lights. Converting fog lights is typically only imparted in full patrol vehicles, as this may be one of the more visible elements. Some agencies will deploy a floor button (or foot switch) to operate the lights and sirens in the vehicle. Additionally, a hands-free setup is commonly included in most cars today, the existing set up can be converted to work with a radio (mounted internally) and a microphone installed in the headliner of the vehicle to give your officer more tools for assistance, and ultimately, greater safety in the line of duty.            

Working with LEHR will allow us to bring over 40 years of experience in police vehicle builds to your fleet. Contact us to request a consultation for your next undercover build.



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