ACARI™ Drill-Free Mounts, a One-of-a-kind Mounting Solution

Friday, November 18, 2022
ACARI™ Drill-Free Mounts, a One-of-a-kind Mounting Solution

       LEHR Is The West Coast Master Distributor For ACARI™  




Based out of small town, Deep River CT. Acari Drill-Free mounts provides quality products that are manufactured with great pride - all of which are hand assembled in shop, and created by using 100% American made materials. Acari Products has been able to provide a one-of-a-kind roof top mounting solution that has assisted over 300,000 in the work truck industry.


Using Acari’s patented clamping system, you are able to mount a variety of accessories to your vehicle through a simplified install process that will save you money, and save your truck. There is no need to remove your vehicles headliner, as all wiring can be routed through the existing third brake light opening. With mounts available for most late-model full size pick-up trucks in 3 model styles & sizes, Acari Mounts are Vehicle-Specific Product’s. Please inquire about Acari Products by Contacting Us.

Acari Drill-Free Mounts can mount Lightbars, Beacons, Antennas, (link each) and more without incurring any damage to your truck - Eliminating the risk of lease penalties, rust, scratches, exposed wires and drill holes. Acari Mounts have a 30lb mounting capacity and are available in widths of 22”, 28”, and 34”; mount lengths align with the part number for the vehicle Specific mount: RTM-101 = 22”, RTM-201 = 28”, and RTM-301 = 34″, low-profile versions are often available.

Acari Mounts come in Four Series:

  • ACARI 01 Series: The traditional ACARI mount, manufactured in high quality, 6063 anodized aluminum
  • ACARI LP Series: ACARI’s best-selling design. Featuring a Low-Profile design, made of high-grade aluminum with a UV protected black satin powder coat finish
  • ACARI Capper Series: Offering state of the art mounts for works trucks that utilize cab height toppers
  • ACARI TT Series: New sleek design including a vertical surface to allow for work lights


While the Acari Mount may be a relatively simple install, the lights & parts that are additionally installed still are benefitted by an install by a skilled technician. Install by skilled technicians at LEHR will ensure that no warranties of associated accessories are voided during the install process, and will help to connect all of your accessories in a manner that is intuitive for you to use while performing your duties.



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