Emergency lighting, alert, and control system equipment for Police, Fire, EMS vehicles, and Public Works.

The Trusted Leader in Emergency Warning and Lighting Manufacturers 

Whelen Engineering designs and manufactures reliable emergency lighting products and warning systems in the United States. Whelen products are created with a mix of hand assembly and the latest technology in manufacturing facilities with a cumulative size greater than 1,000,000 square feet in Connecticut and New Hampshire. Strict quality control is maintained throughout the whole manufacturing process, and all products are tested on-site in environmental and performance testing labs to meet the toughest industry certifications.

Whelen Emergency Technology Designed by Experts in the Field

Whelen Engineering was founded in 1952 with a mission to keep first responders and motorists safe at every emergency scene by designing and creating state-of-the art visual and auditory warning products such as emergency vehicle lighting and sirens. The emphasis of safety for First Responders led to control systems designed to tie Whelen products together.
 Whelen emergency vehicle control systems and technology have evolved over the years, with the largest team of design engineers in the industry, the innovators at Whelen are always prototyping new products and technologies. Whelen prides itself in innovative products guided by creativity, firsthand experience, and engineering excellence. Many Whelen engineers are fire volunteers and EMT’s with firsthand knowledge of the mission-critical aspects of Whelen products.

Whelen Cencom Core®

Released in 2019, CenCom Core® is Whelen’s most intelligent emergency vehicle control system and is engineered to enhance first responder and motorist safety with advanced automation and remote connectivity. Allowing for access to every connector and fuse from the top of the box, CenCom Core is an innovative product both inside & out.

Whelen CenCom Core comes equipped with Vehicle-to-Vehicle (V2V) Sync, which when installed by an expert has the ability to automatically synchronize lights and tones on multiple vehicles to aid approaching motorists and help ensure safety of officers and first responders.

CenCom Core includes Dynamic Variable Intensity (DVI™) patterns, which are flash patterns designed for advanced levels of safety at nighttime emergency situations. DVI patterns gradually increase and decrease warning light intensity to better indicate visual information to approaching motorists.


Whelen CenCom Core is powered by WeCanX®, a smart CAN-based communication system that synchronizes your system with greater speed, expanded peripheral add-ons and full support of diagnostics.

Connect Whelen lightbars, sirens, control heads, amplifiers and more. WeCanX technology can receive remote firmware and configuration updates using the Whelen Cloud Platform®.


  • Whelen WeCanX supports a combination of 99 devices, including support for multiple Whelen peripherals of the same type on the same vehicle.
  • All CANport signals are configurable as triggerable Events (original WeCan® only supports 8 CANport™ signals)

Whelen Command™

At the heart of CenCom Core is Whelen Command™, software that streamlines the entire control systems programming process with one application.

Whelen Command can process over 65,000 virtual inputs. Engineered to streamline the entire programming process, the advanced user interface quickly provides software updates and new releases, is backwards compatible and will fully support all future Whelen control systems.

Whelen Command brings Situation Based Integration and Events, which allow scene-specific functions to be created and automated based on various vehicle components and signals. With Events, you can define multiple rules for specific scenarios that can be dependent on the state of your emergency vehicle. These added features utilize automation to improve officer by making it more intuitive to use. Download Whelen Command here

Whelen Cloud Platform™

The Whelen Cloud Platform is a secure cloud-based vehicle communication platform that sends and receives data through cellular networks. With the Whelen Cloud Platform, you are provided everything needed to manage your fleet, quickly and easily push over-the-air updates without ever stepping into the garage.  

Through the Whelen Cloud Platform you can easily organize your fleet, manage vehicle configurations and make firmware updates. The Whelen Cloud Platform is built with the most powerful security technologies, so all your data is protected.

Whelen Cloud Live Map provides real-time vehicle information that accurately pinpoints where vehicles are located. This knowledge helps create faster response times and advanced situational awareness.

With Whelen CenCom Core, WeCanX and the Whelen Cloud Platform, you’re able to do great things to keep everyone safe. When you use them together, you can fully integrate and connect your Whelen products. Read more 

Whelen Lights

Whelen lights are designed with technology that protects and enhances first responders rescue and life-saving efforts. Whelen lights are a first line of defense for first responders and communicate at the speed of light.

Whelen emergency lights feature wide angle optics capable of penetrating every angle to notify oncoming traffic at a further distance in a faster amount of time than competing lights. Whelen lights are recognizable in every weather condition with superior visibility and reliability and include progressive interleaved technology. With safety as a key feature of every Whelen light, you can trust that lights from Whelen are made of only the best quality materials and rigorously tested to ensure your fleet is protected when it matters the most.

Explore Whelen Emergency Lights

Whelen emergency lights come in a variety of options in size, color, shape, number of rows and much more. Explore Whelen emergency lights below. Shop online or contact an expert at LEHR to learn more.

Whelen Lightheads

Whelen lightheads are designed for advanced perfromance, with high-intensity light output. Versatile mounting options provide you with a clean look & flush integration of Whelen lighting on your vehicle.

Whelen lightheads come in a variety of colors, with a variety of flash patterns available to configure. You can synchronize many Whelen lightheads to other Whelen sync products, and can even synchronize the lights to multiple vehicles on a scene using CenCom Core Vehicle-to-Vehicle Sync

Whelen lightheads are fully encapsulated for moisture, vibration and corrosion resistance. The hard-coated lenses minimize environmental damage from sand, sun, salt and other road chemicals.

Whelen ION™ Series

The Whelen ION Series is engineered for optimal durability and versatility and provides high intensity warning or illumination. They feature advanced Super-LED optics with sleek and low profile design. Whelen ION Super-LED lightheads are designed to mount in many applications with universal, wide-angle universal, surface mount and wide-angle surface mount models.

Whelen ION Series highlights: 
  • SAE Class 1 Certified
  • Hard-coated lenses minimize environmental damage from the sun, salt, and road chemicals
  • Smoked lenses helpful for undercover missions
  • Synchronizes to other Whelen sync products
  • Five year warranty
Whelen ION Series models are available in a variety of sizes, optics and configurations for every application. They feature single or split colors, including red, blue, amber and smoked lens.

Whelen Spot Lights

Designed with instant on/off capabilities, powerful spot and flood optics, and rugged mounting options, Whelen’s illumination products provide bright and safe scenes. Engineered from the ground up and packed with Whelen’s most innovative technology, Arges will make you rethink what a remote spotlight is capable of, and will provide your officers with greater flexibility in performing their duties

Featuring  360°of continuous rotation and a 180° tilt range, Arges is also CenCom Core™ and WeCanX™ compatible.

Whelen Beacons

Whelen beacons are engineered for long life reliability with advanced features and numerous options. They feature multiple secure mounting options (both permanent and moveable) and high and low dome models for a variety of uses.
Whelen beacons provide high performance light output and powerful, advanced Super-LED® technology that’s rated for thousands of hours of use. Whelen beacons are created with conformal coating that provides moisture and vibration resistance.

Whelen Compartment Lights

Whelen compartment lights feature advanced optics and technology for optimal durability. The surface mount design is easy to install and requires no body cutouts on the vehicle.

Versatile round Whelen compartment lights have an extremely low profile so they can be mounted where additional lighting is required, but spacing is limited. They are ideal for illumination of passenger compartments.

The 6” round Whelen interior lights are available in 24 volt models and are certified for NFPA 1901 and NFPA 1917 primary or alternative specifications, when property configured.

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MC16PA Mini Lightbar from Whelen

Whelen Lightbars

Safety is a key feature with Whelen lightbars. They are fully equipped with a range of innovative technologies to provide optimal warning capabilities. 

The thermal design within Whelen lightbars cools down the LED lights with extended dwell time and dependability in all weather conditions.

Whelen lightheads come in a variety of colors with flash patterns that are configurable through external ECM and PC software.
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Whelen Justice Lightbar

Explore Sirens, Switches & Controllers

In addition to Advanced optics in Whelen Lightheads, Whelen deploys an assortment of high-performance technology, paired with optimal durability to provide essential visibility & audability to secure every scene.

Whelen Switches & Controllers

Simple to use and designed for durability. Engineered to maintain situational awareness of the first responders, Whelen’s innovative technology delivers highly effective visual and auditory warning that keeps everyone around you safe and aware of the emergency situation.

LEHR offers a variety of Whelen power control centers and switches to accommodate your fleet’s needs.

Whelen Sirens

Whelen sirens and controllers add extra layers of warning and protection for intersections and high-risk areas. The Whelen SA315 series feature compact speakers that are designed to mount in many locations and deliver powerful traffic clearing abilities.

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Whelen Master & Participating Agreements

If Your Department has Bid Requirements - You May Be Able to Purchase Directly From LEHR

Minnesota NASPO ValuePoint Master Agreement, Contract #165264, and Participating Addendum(s) for applicable States. Through Participating Addendum's, the Master Agreement is a qualified 'bid' and your agency need not go out to formal bid in order to purchase Whelen products from LEHR.

View Master Agreement, Contract #165264

Participating States

LEHR is the exclusive vendor for Whelen products bid by NASPO in the State of Nevada, with a Participating Agreement honored by the following States:
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  • Participating Addendum ⇓ PA#0514
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  • Participating Addendum ⇓ SPO Price List Contract No. 21-13
  • Current Terms - Nevada

    Current Terms of the Whelen NASPO Master & Participating Agreements are valid starting September 15, 2021 and void as of August 31, 2022.

    How To Purchase - No Bid Needed!

    To purchase from Whelen Engineering Company NASPO Master Agreement #165264, or Panasonic National IPA Contract #120471 please fill out the following form to Speak with an Expert, and note that you are inquiring about NASPO pricing in addition to the Whelen products that you are inquiring about:

    Whelen Engineering Warranty

    Whelen has a manufacturer's warranty on its products that covers defects and electronic components failures. This is provided that the product has been installed and operated in accordance with Whelen manufacturer’s recommendations. Broken or damaged components from the field, overvoltage conditions, and alterations of the product void the warranty.

    LEHR always installs Whelen products in accordance with recommendations, and has ample experience installing Whelen products in a variety of vehicles and applications.

    Whelen Lighting Warranty

    Whelen LED lights are covered by a five year warranty from the manufacture date of the product.

    Whelen Siren Warranty

    Whelen offers two different warranty periods on their sirens. Some sirens have a two-year warranty, while others have a five-year warranty from the date of manufacture.

    Contact the Whelen Experts at LEHR