Setina Push Bumpers: Excellence in Engineering

Thursday, April 28, 2022
Setina Push Bumpers: Excellence in Engineering

             Excellence in Engineering  


Through an uncompromising adherence to Excellence in Engineering, the Setina name has been one of the most Respected Names in the Law Enforcement for over 60 years. With a modern, state of the art, advanced method of performance manufacturing facility in Washington State, Setina has delivered industry leading products throughout the nation that are proudly built on trust and integrity.  

One of the most iconic elements of any Police Vehicle is the push bumper, likely only rivaled by the Lightbar and a black and white exterior. Setina Push Bumpers are the #1 choice of Law Enforcement professionals, with designs that ensure the highest quality in both durability and performance. Careful Consideration and Thoughtful design is given to every aspect of Push Bumper performance, including:
  • Aircraft Grade Aluminum: Achieve optimum Fuel Economy and Weight Distribution when adding a Setina Push Bumper to your fleet. With Aircraft grade aluminum that is 40% lighter weight than steel, and a superior choice for corrosion resistance. The lighter material will reduce front end fatigue, while satisfying Auto Maker’s concerns regarding weight limitations
  • Construction: Featuring a one-piece formed push rail design with unitized, interlocking cross support system for maximum strength & durability.
  • Mounting System: With a heavy-duty, hot rolled steel mounting bracket system, Setina delivers a superior bracket edge-rounding process designed for maximum adherence of primer and powder coat finishes.
  • Hardware: All hardware used meets or exceeds Automotive PPAP Corrosion Standard PS10180. The hardware is coated with ASTM-B-117, and salt-spray tested, for protection against both white and red rust. Leading to a longer life and better performance from your Push Bumper. 
A FOCUS ON DETAIL: From Assembly to Final Finish
In addition to using lighter weight materials, Setina applies a 9-step OEM approved primer and exterior finish that meets automakers specifications for maximum durability. To summarize the process in 3 steps:
  • 1st Stage: Components receive an automated media blast process for maximum powder-coat adherence.
  • 2nd Stage: Each component is coated in an environmentally friendly zinc-free primer.
  • 3rd Stage: Parts are finished with a durable, semi-gloss OEM approved black powder coat.
Setina has been producing top-of-the-line products that continue to set today’s industry standards, and styles that drive the industry. LEHR is a proud Setina distributor and carries a broad range of Setina products in a variety of configurations to meet your fleets upfit needs, quickly. Contact us today about incorporating Setina Push Bumpers in your next build. 



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