Stay In-Sync With Whelen DVI™ Flash Patterns

Wednesday, June 29, 2022
Stay In-Sync With Whelen DVI™ Flash Patterns

       Stay In-Sync With Whelen DVI™ Flash Patterns  



Designed to create a calm environment and advanced level of safety at nighttime scenes, Dynamic Variable Intensity (DVI™) produces safer environments for first responders and motorists by gradually increasing and decreasing warning light intensity. The gradual increases and decreases better convey visual information to approaching motorists at night, including clear indications when a vehicle is parked, improving the motorists ability to safely navigate around an Emergency scene.

The problem with current flashpatterns, is that they are too harsh on the eyes of motorists and officers. DVI patterns are much softer and easier on the eyes with slow buildups that are not jarring or chaotic at night.


Many of the Engineers at Whelen have firsthand experience in the fire industry, and align their personal and professional motivations to drive innovation for First Responders. First introduced at the 2019 FDIC conference, the concept of nighttime dimming was developed as a solution for nightimes scenes where adjustments to not only the output, but the patterns provide for a safer scene for First Responders and the public. While high-intensity and multi-flash lighting often is essential in daytime scenes, DVI™ provides a better solution for nighttime scenes through an innovative series of flash patterns designed to help create an advanced level of safety at nighttime emergency scenes.


Utilizing the Vehicle-to-Vehicle Sync module, CenCom Core calms a scene by unifying flash patterns and tones on multiple emergency vehicles. Vehicle-to-vehicle sync, helps to reduce the distraction of multiple, un-synced emergency response vehicles at a scene, and also can provide greater instructional capabilities with the vehicles at a scene to direct traffic.

When installed and properly configured by the experts at LEHR, Whelen DVI™ Patterns meet NFPA 1901 & 1906 Standards. Dynamic Variable Intensity (DVI™) has been introduced by Whelen CenCom Core™ and DVI enabled products come with a lifetime warranty. Contact us today inquire about integrating CenCom Core™ in your fleet.


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