Stay Ready: Why You Should Check Your Brush Truck Regularly

Thursday, April 7, 2022
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If you are a public safety officer who operates a brush truck, you know that solely performing scheduled maintenance under the hood is not enough. Regular inspections of the parts, accessories and lighting both inside, and on the exterior of your truck are also necessary to guarantee the safety of you, and those working with you. At LEHR, our vision is to see every First Responder thoroughly equipped to respond to every emergency. Without routine inspections, you risk the failure of equipment that is necessary to effectively respond to an emergency or communicate with your team. A LEHR build is completed with the safety of the First-Responder as our primary concern, therefore we strongly suggest additional maintenance and inspections for your fleet - here are some additional reasons why regularly checking your fire equipment is crucial to the safety of your officers and the public: 

During an inspection, you’ll need to check both personal and operational equipment in your brush truck. Personal equipment is any item that can be found on a firefighter, such as survival and turnout gear. Meanwhile, operational equipment is gear that helps firefighters do their job. Operational fire equipment like communications systems are regularly used to help address fires, and should be regularly inspected to keep your fleet operating at peak efficiency. 

A regular inspection of your brush truck should include the equipment installed. While the inspection of your brush truck doesn’t have to be overly extensive, it’s still a suggested practice to spot any errors before they impact performance, and to mitigate the risk of failure in the field. Check to see if your equipment is beginning to suffer from wear - any observable wear can be an early indicator of more severe issues that will arise with additional use. Other areas of your truck or SUV like the tires, sirens, and lights should also be checked during this inspection. Check the lighting for all slide-switch programming to ensure that you are visible from all angles, and in any situation. Ultimately, the inspection of your fire equipment is dependent on your circumstances, situation and your preparation and maintenance practices. You know about your Truck better than anyone else, and undertaking routine inspections will ensure that you keep it operating optimally.

Public safety professionals are required to be ready at a moment’s notice for an emergency, which is why daily inspections of your fire equipment and your vehicle are pivotal. Being prepared every day will help ensure that you are effectively able to respond to situations and keep civilians safe from harm. Any equipment failure can put the lives of firefighters and civilians in danger. Checking your equipment and your brush truck regularly will prevent accidents from occurring while promoting greater public safety.

We stock a broad range of TROY Products should any of your Brush Truck's equipment be facing replacement, our warehouse and inventory levels enable us to get started on your next fleet build quickly. If LEHR does not currently carry a product, we will secure any products your department wants for your next fleet build, and can provide advice on the top trends in the industry. View TROY Products for Fire here >>>

For 30 years, TROY Products has served as a trustworthy source for world-class public safety vehicle accessories across the nation. TROY specially designs your custom fire apparatus accessories to be suitable for any of the top vehicle models used. TROY has extensive experience that allows the creation of products that are safe, effective, and comfortable for your firefighters. TROY is also able to accommodate custom orders to meet your department’s unique operational needs. 

Working with LEHR will allow us to bring over 40 years of experience in builds to your fleet. Contact us to request a consultation for your next Fire vehicle build.



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