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The LEHR Custom Car Configurator

Wednesday, March 30, 2022
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       Phase 1 Custom Car Configurator  


With the launch of the new website, we launched our first iteration of the Custom Car Configurator. The Custom Car Configurator is intended to provide you with a quick & easy way to start the process of your next fleet upfit; whether your Fleet is for Police, Fire, or Public Utilities, and to provide LEHR's team of experts with the initial details for your next fleet build. If you are ready to request a quote from LEHR, head over to our Vehicle Page submit a request (use the 'Build Your Vehicle' button to get started). If you are not quite ready to submit a request, you can always reach out via the Contact Us page to start a conversation. The Configurator currently covers the following vehicles & build aspects:  

The form will ask you to indicate what items you would like included for the Front End, Side & Roof, The interior technology, drivers side compartment, whether the vehicle(s) are K-9 unit(s), or to configure the Prisoner Compartment if the vehicle is not a K-9 Unit. LEHR can upfit any type of Police Vehicle that you are pursuing for your fleet. If you have additional details to add that the form does not capture, responding to your confirmation email is a great way to provide those additional details. 

You will be asked to indicate what items you would like included for the Front End, Side & Roof, The interior technology, and the drivers side compartment. LEHR builds Brush & Command Trucks, but does not build Fire Apparatus's. With our year's of experience working with Fire Departments, our team of experts will help to ensure that your new Brush Truck is upfitted with the latest technology available in the industry. 

After indicating your selections for the Front End, Side & Roof and the Interior Technology for your Public Utility Vehicle fleet needs, your request will be forwarded to our sales team. LEHR warehouses a wide assortment of Amber and work Lighting to allow us to get started quickly on your Public Utility fleet upfit. 

Your request will be routed to our sales team, and based on the nature of your request and the location you are requesting from, LEHR will put you in contact with the best sales agent available for your needs. The sales agent will follow up to gather additional details and work towards providing a quote for your request. 

LEHR is constantly working to provide our customers with Industry Leading products, and the Custom Car Configurator is no exception. We are working towards including vehicle make & models, and increasing the interactivity for customers to provide greater input to the brands they would like featured in their configuration (such as specific brands & models for lighting, push bumpers, etc.). We look forward to improving the ordering process for your next fleet, and welcome you to check back on the development of the configurator should you have any fleet upfitting needs in the future. If you currently are in contact with the LEHR sales team for a Fleet Upfitting quote, they will continue to be your best point of contact. 

Since LEHR's inception in 1945, we have been growing while maintaining the standard of excellence that our customers have come to expect of us. Wherever your Police Department is located, LEHR is ready to provide expert service to you on your next build.        


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