Lehr Joins National IPA On August 04, 2014

Lehr is happy to announce that we have been accepted as a vendor through the National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance for the sale of Panasonic Toughbook, Toughpad, and Arbitrator products.  

The National Intergovernmental Purchasing Alliance (National IPA) is a cooperative purchasing agreement, with the specific purpose of reducing procurement costs by leveraging group volume.  The cooperative purchasing agreement was awarded by the City of Tucson, AZ and is being made available to public agencies nationwide. Eligible agencies include county government, city/local government, public school systems, public higher education, agencies for public benefit and nonprofit organizations. Get more information and details at

We have joined the National IPA contract number #120471 for the following products: 

  • Toughbook Laptops and Accessories
  • Toughpad Handheld Computers and Accessories
  • Toughbook Arbitrator 360HD In-Car Video Products

To take advantage of the special pricing you will have to register with the National IPA program.  REGISTER TODAY!

by Mark Matthews

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